Die Arbeit mit Axel hilft mir sehr, meine eigenen inneren Prozesse und subtile Bewegungen wahrzunehmen, blinde Stellen bewusst zu bekommen und zu integrieren. Axel hat die besondere Kompetenz ein sehr präsenter Gegenüber zu sein, der durch seine geschulte Wahrnehmung meine Gefühlsbewegungen und meine Körperenergetik spürt, diese mir spiegeln und dadurch meine Prozesse sehr gut begleiten kann. Diese Feinheit und Präsenz in Axel hilft mir meine eigene Präsenz und Selbstwahrnehmung gesund weiter zu entwickeln.

Dr. Stefan Enzler, imu augsburg GmbH & Co.KG

I came to Axel through Thomas Huebl's work. After meeting Thomas, I felt that I needed a relationship that could support me to see deeply and precisely into my inner world. Axel and I together create a loving and intelligent space to go beyond what I see on my own. His depth and clarity have supported the development of my relational capacity, and as a result, I am now increasingly able to see beyond the symptoms of my shadow and open into relationship with the roots of my conditioning. With precise connection and loving openness, I am able to take care of myself--rather then getting lost in the dependancy and strategies of survival that I developed as a child. As I integrate these fragments love, clarity and presence are increasingly flowing through me and affecting the world around me. I continue to work with Axel as I find our connection endlessly rich, supportive and illuminating. 

Blaise, Vancouver/Kanada, 41 years

When I work with Axel I feel both fully received to be who I am in the moment yet challenged as the essential is revealed. Axel holds a gracious space with seriousness and lightness that is very healing.

Eve-Marie, New York,/USA, 58 years

Meetings with Axel are powerful experiences. His passion for the work resonates in his skills of atunement, clarity and a crisp focus on the issue de 'jour. A deep connection creates a field in which I feel supported to move through doorways I didn't even know existed. The shared pleasure of togetherness in joining on expanded levels of consciousness is not only a vigorous bodily experience of aliveness, but more so a re-patterning of the power of receptivity to the Divine. I highly recommend sessions with Axel if you want to surprise yourself, and have fun with it.

Maria, San Diego, USA

Axel's open heart and depth of presence is an invitation to be exactly as I am ... to include all of what's arising and not override myself (Life) out of habit or convenience. Sharing presence in sessions with him over the last two years has been a deep gift of practicing wholeness. And I can see that, as a woman, this practice is supporting me in re-wiring how I show up with all men; that is a deep gift of healing.My work with Axel has been a beautiful complement to my spiritual and emotional integration and development, and supported me as I've birthed my own healing work in the world. Axel has been a key ally and resource during a potent, accelerated segment of my journey. Axel is lovingly curious, patient, persistent, playful, kind, thoughtful, mentally flexible and agile, integrally informed, with a gentle depth of presence that beautifully balances masculine and feminine energies within the strength of his masculine vessel.

Helen, Seattle, USA, 52 years

… es ist erstaunlich, wie schnell und gut sich Axel Perinchery auf die Gruppe und ihre Schwierigkeiten eingestellt hat und mit sicherem Gespür problematische Punkte der Betriebskultur finden und bearbeiten konnte. Dabei hat er über die unterschiedlichen Interessen der Gruppen und die Gesamtentwicklung nie die einzelne Person aus dem Auge verloren …

Lutz Heinke, Projektmanagment Internationales Haus Sonnenberg

In working with Axel, a new and healing relational experience is being revealed to me that allows me to explore my inner world and expression of it in a safe and encouraging relational space. The impact of our work vibrates deep in my system. I am learning how it feels to be received, to be deeply seen and welcomed. I'm growing in feeling, seeing, and receiving myself. My perception and experience of myself in relation to the world changes. Both the embodiment of myself and my love of life are growing. In our sessions I experience Axel as very present, loving, gentle, clear, transparent, generous and available. He has a precise and clear perception, a great capacity for resonance, empathy and for love. I appreciate his intelligence and humor. His willingness to engage fully with what is showing up moment to moment helps me to see better, dare more and to sometimes care less. As a group leader and facilitator I experience Axel as passionate, dedicated, inspiring, present, receptive, authentic and clear. I'm very grateful to know Axel and have the possibility to work with him.

Sarah 36, Brügge/Belgium

Die skype Sessions mit Axel bewirken bei mir in hohem Maße und in sehr schnellem Tempo Heilung und höheres Bewußtsein. Es kommen im Bewußtsein verborgene Gefühle und Gedanken zum Vorschein, können angeschaut und auf ihre Relevanz und Gültigkeit untersucht werden bzw. völlig ohne Bewertung gefühlt, wahrgenommen und akzeptiert werden. Dadurch, dass diese Gefühle und Gedanken gezeigt und mit jemandem geteilt werden, können sie sich in die Persönlichkeit integrieren und verlieren somit ihre Macht. 
Axel verfügt über die Gabe diese Prozesse auszulösen und zu begleiten, indem er sich sehr authentisch und mit ganzem Herzen auf sein Gegenüber einlässt. Er lenkt die Aufmerksamkeit und den Focus immer wieder auf den gegenwärtigen Augenblick, auf das, was im eigenen Innenraum und im Körper passiert und wie der Beziehungsraum, also das im Kontakt sein empfunden wird.. Er nimmt Energien in hohen Maße wahr und merkt kleinste Veränderungen. Er kann sich sogar in dritte, also nicht anwesende, Personen einfühlen, was sehr hilfreich und klärend sein kann.

Miriam, Hannover, 43 Jahre

I feel blessed to work with Axel doing shadow work via Skype on a biweekly basis. There's an integration and deep familiarity with the Thomas Hubl material so our sessions explore emotions and subtle sensations that frequently are ignored or don't have other outlets in my experience. I value Axel's patience and presence in holding, reflecting and guiding, allowing me an internal lightness and clarity by releasing long-held resistances.

Cameron, Seattle/USA

I am challenged to put into words what goes beyond words, as I contemplate how would I describe working with Axel Pernichery.  Axel's ability to be fully present creates a field of intimacy which is the contextual structure for our work. The deep trust that I feel when working with Axel forms a relational field between the two of us that allows me to enter unexplored territories of my life and invites me to expand and ground more deeply.  His skillful mastery gently calls me into these deeper spaces which allows the light to pierce through shadows from the past; these experiences have been both freeing and transformational.  I am fully received and seen by Axel and this is teaching me how to fully receive myself as I am and life as it is in each and every moment.

Candy, San Diego/USA

Axel ist für mich als Mann mit seiner Liebe und Leidenschaft sowie auch in seiner Verletzlichkeit spürbar. Diese Menschlichkeit ermöglicht mir den Zugang zu meinen eigenen Gefühlen und somit zu inneren Orten, an die ich mich noch nie hin gewagt habe. Axels präzise Formulierungen, die er aus dem Moment heraus erringt, tauchen in meinem Alltag als Mantren unverhofft wieder auf und eröffnen mir neue Wege des Fühlens und Handelns.

Severin, Bern/Schweiz, 38 Jahre